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Improves concentration, movement coordination, resistance and strength. Improves your flexibility, your breathing capacity and circulation. Improves the position, muscular balance and the strength of the central line.

Improves bone density and articulation health preventing possible injuries. Increases your vital energy, eliminating stiffness, stress and muscular tension.


“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference and in thirty sessions your body will change” J. H. Pilates


It is good for everybody, it is good for you...

If you want to optimize your physical activity.

If you want to shape your body and to improve your posture.

It is perfect for you if you suffer from cervical and lower back pains, disk protrusions and hernias, scoliosis or for any person who is undergoing rehabilitation process or who had an injury.

If you want to fight stress, anxiety and sleep alterations.

If you are leading a sedentary life and want to start physical activity. 

Before, during and after pregnancy.

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The method is precise, energetic and complete gymnastics. It adapts to all body types and needs, including  illnesses, sports or functional needs. It works and the results start showing, in general, after first 4-6 sessions. 
The exercises consist of controlled movements, very conscious and coordinated with breathing in order to create a harmonious, coordinated, toned and flexible body, through practicing the mind becomes aware of body's capacities, limitations, strengths and weaknesses to improve its physical and mental state. It is a sport method that is very technic where the correct execution of the distinct elements comprising each exercise is more important than the number of repetitions or series. 
The method works offering spectacular results.

Our compromise is to preserve the integrity and the genius of Joseph H. Pilates' teachings.



GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM, is a training system based on the circular movements of the whole body. An active way of working the body and mind in its entirety in a homogeneous way. The work is done with a machine (Pulley Tower) designed specifically for this work.


The GYROKINESIS® method is one of the most advanced, effective and holistic methods to train the body and the mind. The method works the essence of the movement, also its deep connection with the breathing, with the internal intention and the development of the sensory capacities. You will feel, at the end of each class, a combined feeling of calm, vigor, elegance and well-being, besides helping to keep us young, awake and alert.

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Personalized sessions that combine different techniques, machines and materials creating training for each person.

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