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"a philosophy of life, is the art of science in balance ''.

The human body is a functional unit. The symptoms are the sign that there is a imbalance in the body. The osteopath in his global vision, treats imbalances and restrictions of motility and mobility. Hippocrates told us that the man is a whole, and wanting to treat a symptom without looking at man as a whole is
something that does not make sense.

So Osteopathy encompasses itself:
STRUCTURAL: restore mobility restrictions at the musculoskeletal level
FUNCTIONAL: Functional techniques allow to establish a diagnosis much more
Fine and precise. They are very gentle techniques, very effective and not at all traumatizing;
can be used in a newborn or in an elderly person, in a chronic case or in a recent serious traumatized cop.
VISCERAL: harmonize the mobility and motility of the viscera
CRANEAL: return the correct mobility to the bones of the skull and its relationship with the
nervous system.
EMOTIONAL SOMATO: we treat the physical reactions that cause in our body the emotions. When we suffer a chronic pain that is not solved, unspecific physical pain, insomnia, nervousness, anguish, headaches. At present, stress, anxiety or fear have become a repetitive emotional state that directly affects the physical body. You can release "emotional cysts" A loss of balance in our body, movement or motility of a structure and / or organ, will act gradually in the state of our health. '' Chemical equilibrium is the result between the relation of structure (anatomy) and function (Physiology) '. Our health depends to a large extent on the good relationship between the different parts and systems of the body. Therefore the osteopath also intervenes in the area of ​​daily habits such as tips to maintain a healthy and balanced healthy diet, exercises postural and awareness.
The osteopath aims to restore harmony to the body as a whole.

At ModoVite Method Pilates and Chiroterapies, our commitment is to and with the preservation of body / mind integrity, that is why we offer Osteopathy as
service linked to itself but also as a complement. Helping the body to return to a first equilibrium. The Pilates Method is a movement system that also
values ​​and acts globally in our muscular skeletal system, on our
viscera and nervous system.
Therefore it is necessary to integrate the new parameters both acquired in the osteopathy sessions and as help to assimilate a new functionality.
We can also say that both Osteopathy and the Pilates Method go hand in hand
by returning mobility, functionality and new healthy lifestyle habits, to provide a new way of life for an organism in complete equilibrium,
adapting to all ages, health status and physical conditions.

Rollin Becker D.O told us about Functional Osteopathy:
"The movement is not life. Movement is an expression of life. The miracle of
Life expresses itself through movement and mobility. Life in the body functions as a unified and global mechanism to express health, resist and fight the disease and to correct or adapt the injuries ".

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